Course aims:

This course is aimed at providing employees with familiarisation of the Fire fighting equipment that is provided at their workplace.

It is designed to provide delegates with the opportunity to understand the uses and limitations of equipment like Extinguishers and Fire Hoses, in addition to the general issues regarding fire safety.

Delegates will learn the common causes of fires and how fires spread, in order that they may take this knowledge back to their workplace or area of responsibility to reduce the risk of fires starting or spreading, they will also learn the importance of following the correct procedure in a Fire.

Course objectives and outline

Upon completion of this half-day course, delegates will have a good knowledge and awareness in the following areas:

  1. Different types of Fire extinguishers.
  2. Common sources of ignition and fire.
  3. Why and how fires spread.
  4. Different classes of Fire.
  5. Emergency procedures and means of escape.
  6. How to use Extinguishers correctly.
  7. Practical session using Extinguishers on live fires.

Venue: This course can be provided at your business premises for a maximum of 10 delegates.

Course length: Half day

Course Cost: This course costs £400 for up to 10 people, which equates to £40 per head including the use of extinguishers on live fires.